In the midst of marketing, it is easy to overlook your largest attentive audience: your current clientele.

Use the 5 tips below to improve your student retention from season to season:

1. Make Everyone Feel Known. When someone enters your studio, make sure they feel welcomed and known. It is absolutely necessary that they feel as though they belong to the community and environment.

2. Care About Their Experience. From the student that takes one class a week to the most intensive dancer at your studio, provide exceptional quality care- from calls & emails to the lobby& bathrooms to the in-classroom experience to the onstage performance experience.

3. Connect with Everyone. The connection to the studio is important, so, every year, we (1) send home a studio inspired gift at the holiday season (lunch box, dance bag, etc.) and (2) hold and end-of-season social for the studio families (pool party, bounce house event, etc.). This allows two immediate points of interaction with the entire studio population.

4. Communicate with Clients. If students are not enrolled, set a plan for the Summer to reach out and connect with every family. The first communication round may be via email, whereas the second communication round may be via phone. Know your impression points and what you would like to discuss. Be friendly and exited about the prospect of the student rejoining your program.

5. Know Reasons for Turnover. Client turnover is unavoidable, but it will help your business if you know the reasons why your clients are leaving. Our number #1 reason for turnover is relocation, and our #2 reason is interest in other activities. Handle each conversation professionally, and do not be personally offended. Many of our clients that leave still refer others to our program and, on occasion, rejoin the program- sometimes, years later!