To add some variety to your turn progressions in jazz class, consider adding some directional challenges. This will measure your students’ ability to quickly shift directions and will improve their spotting techniques.

Here are a few exercise suggestions:

(1) Two Chaine Turns to the Right, Chaine Turn to the Left, Chaine Turn to the Right. Alternate Series to the Left.

(2) Four Chaine Turns to the Center, Four Chaine Turns Around a Cone/Dot (Changing the Spot Each Time), Four Chaine Turns Off the Floor. Alternate Exercise to the Left.  (May also use a Pique Turn for this Combination)

(3) Parallel Pirouette Center Turn Drill: Prepare, Hold and Balance Right- Prepare, Hold and Balance Left-Prepare, Single Pirouette Right- Prepare, Single Pirouette Left- Prepare, Double Pirouette Right- Prepare, Double Pirouette Left (continue with as many rotations as necessary)