2013 was an exciting, busy, and progressive year for dance! From studio resources to the competition industry to the performance realm, everything and everyone seemed to be moving and shaking. Below, we have listed a few memorable highlights.


  •  The Federation of Dance Competitions dissolved into the Association of Dance Conventions and Competitions
  • Showbiz/Primetime was sold and transitioned to Bad Boys of Dance Founder Rasta Thomas
  • DanceCompHub was founded as an online resource for reviewing and rating dance competitions, conventions, and vendors.
  • Routine appropriateness and competition kindness were two hot topics!
  • DanceMakersInc. completely (and successfully) re-branded their competition/convention.
  • Break the Floor maintained its stance as a powerful industry force, relocating their offices to LA and continuing to lead and motivate the convention and competition industry.
  • How many competitive levels are necessary? Competitions continued adding more levels, and we kept feeling more confused about where to enter our students.


  • Apps rocked our world! How did we manage before Spotify and Coach’s Eye?
  • The Dance Exec allowed us to connect and share ideas via an accessible and affordable resource platform.
  • Technique was a trend and going “back to basics” was essential.
  • Dress code opened a lot of discussions: Tights or no tights? Leotards or two-pieces? One shoe or both shoes? Hair up or down?
  • Social Media Marketing continued to open new platforms for sharing and connecting with our clientele.
  • TutuTix changed the way we do recital ticketing (for the better)!
  • More options for in-studio dance attire sales were offered via RevolutionVirtual Dance Boutique, and Curtain Call for Class.
  • With the economy on the upswing, dance studios seemed to be growing and thriving in 2013!


What do you remember from the year? What were some of the biggest moments for our industry? How will the highlights of this year influence the industry in the coming year? Reflection, resolution, and strategic planning will continue progressing the art we all love- DANCE! And, I think that leave us all with a feeling of closure and peace for this year, as well as excitement and enthusiasm for 2014. Cheers!


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