This past weekend was an array of emotions. I said farewell to two very special events: our 2016 Spring Recital as well as a show I directed and choreographed. Within these experiences, I worked alongside the most amazing groups of people. The journeys of the shows produced personal growth, evolution, and development, and I know I’m a better person because they happened.

Within those moments, we also said goodbye to certain moments in time. Graduating seniors moved on, some students are moving, one of our staff members is moving, and the cast and crew of the show will never work together again in the same iteration.

If I could two words to describe the magic of the experiences, I would use: community and love.

With the recent tragedy in Orlando, we all need move love. We need to exude it, we need to encourage it, and we need to foster it. We also have a responsibility to build community. When we approach our work with love, we build community. The worlds needs more of this now, and as artists, we have a huge opportunity to make an impact.

love community