The routines are prepared, your technique is strong, and you have been rehearsing in preparation for your first performance/ competition.

Go through this checklist and make sure you are applying the following ways to improve your routine(s):

  1. Perform. Have a backstory and use your movement to convey a story.
  2. Stretch your energy through your fingers and toes. Do not allow the energy to stop at the wrist or ankle.
  3. Connect the Transitional Elements. Keep the in between moments fluid and purposeful.
  4. Stretch and elongate your lines to their fullest. Relax the shoulders.
  5. Let your timing and musicality be second nature. Know your music.
  6. Keep the eyes lifted. Know the opportunities you have to connect with the audience, and use them.
  7. Strengthen the arms.
  8. Confidently execute the movement. Know the weak sections and adjust/ rehearse until they are no longer weak.
  9. Perfect your turn preparation, execution, and landing.
  10. Manage your nerves and dance for YOU.

green check

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