Earlier this week, I received an email blast from 7Figure Sam (an entrepreneurial site designed to help fitness studio owners with their business’ growth) entitled ’10 Biggest Mistakes I Have Made In My Business’ (by Sam Bakhtiar). I read the email on Monday and the message resonated.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Included:

#1 Spending Too Much Money on Equipment and Not Enough Money on the Culture

#2 Too High of an Overhead

#3 Listening to Way Too Many People and Not Trusting My Own Intuition

#4 Thinking Success=Money (instead, Being Significant=Financial Return)

#5 Not Inspecting What  I Was Expecting

#6 Ignoring Little Things

#7 Spending Too Much Time Behind A Computer and Not Enough Time Building Relationships

#8 Focusing on Pleasing Everybody

#9 Not Having a Great Attorney

#10 Having One Successful Business & Thinking You Have the Magic Touch

Think about it. Could any of these apply to you and your dance studio? I know I could certainly relate to the mistakes Sam identified, and it is helpful to know that business owners share certain challenges, issues, and situations, even across industries. Take the mistakes and learn from them; they will contribute to your overall success!

mistake progress

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